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Doctor’s Tips for Great Sleep


Sleep is an integral and crucial part of our daily routine. Most of us do not sleep properly but amazingly get through the day. But do you think it is healthy for us? Ask an expert, and they will warn you about being so irresponsible for the sleep.

For every single person, there is a different reason for not sleeping properly. Some would wake up several times during the night, while others would stay awake throughout the night. There is a long list of reasons for improper sleep, but a few tips can help all.   

This article is a list of some popular and recommended doctor’s advice. These tips can help you get proper sleep. That is crucial for a better lifestyle. You can learn more about it at the newsweek.com reviews about mattresses, bed platforms, and sleep accessories. 

1.    Sit under the sun

Doctors recommend sitting in the sun for almost 15 minutes, right after getting up. But one may wonder why is it necessary to get this exposure? Well, the sunlight will impact your internal clock. Interestingly our internal clock works according to the exposure to light and dark. 

2.    Think and get excited

Before you start your day or end it, think about the upcoming amazing events. Create a sense of excitement for the next day. It can help those who find it difficult to sleep after thinking about the woes of work.

Do not take the upcoming challenges as burdens; think of it as an adventure. This way, you will love to sleep and wake up early. Such a positive attitude can help you sleep better.

3.    Do not drink alcohol.

A glass of wine can sound like an ideal complement after friends or family gatherings, but not when it is time to bed. Thinking that alcohol will help you in sleep is wrong. It does worse than good. Though it will make you feel tired and sleepy, eventually, it will disrupt the circadian rhythm. So, it is better to avoid alcohol.

Drinking alcohol will make it difficult to sleep for you and the people sleeping with you. It distorts the breathing, causing snoring.

4.    No caffeine

On a cold evening, we all wish to have a warm mug of coffee. But when your sleep is your priority, you need to cut it. It is a natural stimulus to keep us awake. The worst thing is drinking coffee before bed will make it difficult for us to sleep.

Even if you drink anything containing caffeine 12 hours before sleeping, it will still stay in your body. So, cutting it down is the only option.


These were some recommendations for healthy sleep. However, you can add a lot of other things as well. For example, if you feel tired even after sleeping eight hours, you must be suffering from sleep apnea.

We can only help our body to retain one sleep cycle through these simple tips. The only last thing that matters in this regard is your determination and love for yourself.